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The Benefits Of an Insulated Garage Door

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The Benefits Of an Insulated Garage Door

Insulated Garage Door | Garage Door Repair El Cajon, CA

An insulated garage door is an affordable option that offers an added convenience of temperature and noise control. It can be worth investing in if you live in an area where temperature shifts quite drastically, but also for many other reasons.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The increasing cost of heating the house in the winter and cooling it in the summer is a concern that occupies all homeowners. Garage doors, due their large surface areas, are major culprits of heat transfer. In the winter, an insulated door will be able to lower the flow of warm air out of your home, and reduce the infiltration of cold air. In the summer, of course, it will do the opposite. In any case, your heating and cooling costs will be significantly reduced. The door's level of insulation is measured with an R-value, so you should always look for a model with a high ranking. 

Noise Control And Durability

In addition to saving energy costs, insulated doors are also quieter than un-insulated ones, because there is no space between the layers and less noise is produced. The insulation adds a little weight to the door, but it also helps decrease the outside noise that manages to get through.

Less Obvious Benefits

Since an insulated door allows the temperature in the garage to remain relatively stable, the car’s batteries and spark plugs tend to keep longer, and the consistency of transmission and brake fluids does not change as often. Similarly, any sensitive solutions that are stored in the garage, like cleaning supplies and motor oil, will be better preserved.

Polystyrene And Polyurethane Insulation

Polystyrene can be added to existing doors. Panels are inserted between the steel layers of the door and serve as an effective sound barrier. However, they will only reduce heat transfer by a small percentage. The technique is solid if you want to upgrade an existing door without the need for a full replacement. The alternative is injecting Polyurethane foam between the panels during construction, whereby the foam expends while binding to the frame, rendering it stronger and highly durable. This type of insulation, although available only in new doors, provides optimal sound and temperature control, making it a great option if you are planning to replace your existing door.

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