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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance
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At Garage Door Repair El Cajon you can let our garage door maintenance & adjustments service work for you.  We have a regularly scheduled lubrication service that will keep your garage door tuned up so that your door will last a lot longer.  Of course our garage door company in El Cajon offers many other garage door services as well.  However, we believe in preventive maintenance because we don’t want you to have to call us for major garage door repairs in the future when it could have been avoided.

Our company has fully trained techs

Garage Door Maintenance - AdjustmentThey will lubricate those garage door tracks, garage door springs, and any other part that calls for lubrication.  They will find any nuts and bolts that need tightening and adjusting.  At our El Cajon garage door company our techs will do everything possible to ensure that your garage door stands the test of time.

Speaking of garage door springs; we take our broken spring repair/replacement service seriously as well.  We do so because these springs can be very dangerous to replace or install.  We fully suggest that one of our professional techs provide this service for the safety of our customer’s. Take the Torsion spring for instance.  This heavy duty spring is used for heavier doors and has to be wound up very tight.  It is mounted above the door opening at the center of the door.  These come in pairs with one on each side of center.  The Extension spring on the other hand is used for light doors and is mounted on each side of the garage door.  Again, call one of our professionals to provide this service and when you do ask about our galvanized garage door springs that can last for decades.

Our garage door opener service is well respected too. Maybe it is because we offer so many great brand names or that we provide garage door opener troubleshooting that is so precise it exceeds the expectations of our customer’s.  It is hard to go wrong when you carry brands like Sears, Marantec, Craftsman, Liftmaster, Genie, and Chamberlain.  These openers come with a belt drive if you want your opener to be quiet, a screw drive if you can handle some noise or a chain drive if you can stand a racket.  For safety and security reasons it is best to have a professional provide this service and our garage door company in El Cajon is standing by to repair or install an opener for you today.

We cannot tell you enough how important garage door maintenance & adjustments are to your garage door system.  All it takes is one loose screw or one essential part not to be lubricated to throw the entire operation into a nightmare.  You really need to let one of our experienced techs come out and provide our regularly scheduled lubrication service so your garage door will last longer.

Our garage door service in El Cajon knows how essential a garage door remote can be.  For that reason we offer great brand names in remotes as well like Genie Intellicode, Liftmaster security +, Clicker and Multi Code.  The rolling technology in the Genie and Liftmaster protect against code stealing. The clicker remote is universal and the Multi Code lets you use two frequencies at the same time.

There are going to be times when garage doors need to be replaced as well as garage door windows for that matter.  Our garage door company/contractor in El Cajon can do this for you. You name the material and we have it from wood to aluminum and glass to steel.  We know how important curb appeal is to you and we are ready to replace or install your new garage door.  The glass garage door is very popular right now because it allows you to see out of your garage easily and to receive Mother Natures light and heat for free.  For your safety allow a professional from Garage Door Repair El Cajon to take care of this project for you.

Garage door repairs are no problem for our El Cajon Garage Door Repair Company.  We can do the following and more:

*    Door off track

*    Broken emergency release

*    Replace section of garage door

*    Weather strip

*    Bottom garage door rubber

Garage door cables & tracks are not a problem either.  Our techs can take care of things like:

*    Cable snapped

*    Cable loose

*    Cable came off the drum

*    Broken cable

*    Replace garage track

*    Repair bent garage door track

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